Who We Are

We Exists in the field of bakers since 1990, as a registered DIC. The inspiration step in the field of bakers arises from M/S Des Raj Prem Dass which is in existence since last 70 years. The main motto to enter in the field of bakers was to do something new that is to make all the bakery products egg-less. The new experience was liked by all the categories of costumers a lot. Very good response has been experienced by us. The gentry which was sensitive to the smell of egg, got ridden of the smell of egg through our egg less bakery products. They gave us their great blessings and thanks for the security/surety we provided them by stopping the entry of egg in the Shiv Bakery The Mall Solan.They told us that all of the egg less products were more delicious ,attractive and mouth watering .VIP’s like Mr Dhanraj Pille famous Hockey player ordered cake for his birthday to M/S Shiv Bakers The Mall Solan.We celebrated birthday of Hon’able Health.

Minister and Aurvedacharya Dr.Sh Rajiv Bindal with our bakery made cake.,on the 33rd foundation day of Solan we prepare the special cake for 20 kgs . People give special orders for cakes and snacks for all the special occasions and festivals. In a very short time we become more and more popular for our egg less production in the field of bakery. We found that people are more crazy for egg less products, as people enjoy its taste a lot. I am sure it is due to the best quality of our product which we are giving to our customers, as we never compromise with the quality of our products and always try our best to give best quality of bakery products to our most honorable costumer. Today we are giving 35 varieties of Cakes, 30 verities of Pastries and snacks.